Life as a Waggener Edstrom Intern!

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Hana Katen – Account Coordinator, Microsoft Windows

I’ve spent my entire life dreaming of things to come—I’ve never been a person able to sit back and enjoy the moment. At the age of seven, I was busy deciding what car I would drive when I was sixteen; by the time I reached driving age, I was preoccupied with college decisions—and once I was enrolled at the University of Oregon, the only thing I could think about was where I would plant my roots and begin my career.

 When I learned that I had been accepted into Waggener Edstrom’s intern program, I was ecstatic—and for the next two weeks, I couldn’t stop thinking, talking and obsessing about what my life would look like during the coming months. 

 Upon starting my career as an intern at Waggener, my historical model of obsessive forward-thinking continued—for about five minutes after walking through the door.

 As I rotated through various teams within the agency, I got to experience in a whirlwind what life was like as a full-time Waggener Edstrom employee—not simply as an intern. Throughout my three-month tenure, I had the opportunity to do hands-on work on a broad variety of projects ranging from handling reactive media requests, to analyzing coverage for Windows announcements, to working as a member of the launch team for Windows Phone 7.5.

 Outside of Waggener’s unprecedented learning opportunities, what struck me the most, day after day, was how gracious and truly excited the Waggener Edstrom employees were to get to know all of the interns. From the moment we began, the WE family was welcoming and engaging—making it clear to us that we were truly a valued piece of the broader agency puzzle.


For the next three months, I was so consumed by the excitement I felt coming to work each day that—perhaps for the first time—I learned to live in the moment and appreciate the opportunities at hand. When I finally lifted my eyes off the ground 12 weeks later, after a challenging, engaging and incredible journey, I was lucky enough to land a position on the Microsoft Hardware team—where I can honestly say I get to do amazing work with amazing teammates every day. 

 I wholeheartedly credit Waggener for not only kick-starting my career, but for yanking me out of my futuristic tendencies and teaching me the value of savoring life in the moment, while still intelligently paving a path for personal and professional development.

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