Meet Tori Quinn, Intern Program Recruiter/Sr. Coordinator

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 Tori Quinn, Microsoft Intern Program Recruiter and Sr. Talent Acquisition Coordinator has been with the agency since August 2003.  After initially starting as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator, she managed candidate care for all teams throughout the agency and is currently still supporting the Microsoft, Infrastructure and Studio D Teams in a coordinator role.  As time went on, she also came to lead a few initiatives, including the Referral Program along with Michelle Dollarhide.  After the Microsoft team launched our Internship Program, Tori stepped in to help lead the charge and has loved it ever since!  Read more about Tori here:

How did you first hear about the opportunity at Waggener Edstrom Worldwide and why did you decide to join the agency?

I learned of my role through networking, being a part of an HR network that shares all job openings in the Portland area.  I had reached out to the recruiter who had posted the role, he put me in touch with the recruiter hiring for my position and two weeks later I started!  I actually started as a temporary employee for the first 3 months before getting hired permanently.   From the very first phone screen I knew this was the place I wanted to be and then after having interviewed with some of the team in person, I was definitely excited about the opportunity.  When they called to offer me the position I accepted on the spot, possibly before they even finished making the actual offer!

How long have you worked at Waggener Edstrom Worldwide? 

A little over 8 years now.  I started as a DTE (defined term employee) on August 12th, 2003 and became permanent on October 15th, 2003 and haven’t looked back since!  Coming into the agency as a DTE (or intern!) is a really great way to start your career here.

What do you enjoy the most about working at Waggener Edstrom Worldwide and on the Talent Acquisition Team? 

I love working with my immediate team on a daily basis.   I work with the best group of recruiters I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.  And they aren’t just recruiters, they are recruiters that care – they care about every single candidate we interact with, more so than any others I’ve experienced in my past.  I also really enjoy hiring for our Microsoft Internship Program and partnering with two of the best people at the agency on it:  Melanie Moir and Shanti Barnes.  Their leadership of our internship program has brought it to new levels and we are excited to see it continue to grow and expand!

What has been your most favorite experience so far being a Waggener Edstrom Worldwide employee?

Finally taking advantage of my sabbatical, even if it was a year overdue!  One of the best benefits at Waggener Edstrom Worldwide is the sabbatical program the agency is able to offer.  I took mine a year late, but it couldn’t have come at a better time and it was the most amazing time off I had ever had!  I love how it re-energizes you and re-motivates you to want to come back and work even harder to accomplish goals and the daily work at hand.  

Also, during the first few weeks of starting at the agency, one of our awesome Executive Assistants, Carol Hummel, nicknamed me TQ and it’s stuck ever since!  We love nicknames on our team!

I also was very fortunate recently to be able to travel to our Washington DC and New York City offices and had a blast!  It’s always so great to be able to visit other offices and meet those co-workers face to face that you’ve worked with over email for so many years!

Tori’s unique talent:

I wish I had one, but I’m afraid I don’t!  Although I think I might finally have my dad, who has been a skeet shooter for over 30 years, teach me how to shoot one of these days!  Although that’s not so unique…

Tori’s interesting facts:

 I have a great-uncle who played in the NFL and my grandparents used to own The Green Store in Hermosa Beach years ago before retiring around 1984.  The Green Store is located near  “the strand” in Hermosa Beach.  I sat three rows in front of Clint Eastwood at his Unforgiven premiere (thanks to my mom and aunt who grew up with his publicist!)  In addition, my extended family started the Body Glove/Dive-N-Surf business so I always grew up with that big yellow hand everywhere!  I guess those are my claim to fame interesting facts!

One last fact though is that I was a tripawd owner for almost three years.  What’s a tripawd you ask?  My black lab Smokey had gone through skin cancer and in order to take care of it all, I had to make the very hard decision to have one of his legs amputated.  But it was the best decision ever and after having gone through it, I’m always happy to help anyone else facing this decision to share my story.  It gave me 2 ½ extra years with him that I will cherish forever! 

What would you want to be doing if you weren’t a rock star Talent Acquisition team member?

Petitioning to bring Friday Night Lights back to TV!!!   I would be a photographer living in Steamboat Springs, CO!

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8 is Great

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8 is Great

Guest Blog Post by Michelle Dollarhide, Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner

In some cultures the number eight is a lucky number and how lucky we are!  On television, Eight is Enough but not for our team.  In the NFL several Hall of Famers wore the number 8 which explains why she’s so good at what she does – Tori Quinn, Internship Program Recruiter and Sr. Talent Acquisition Coordinator, is our Hall of Famer.  A stop sign has eight sides but there’s no stopping her when it comes to infallible candidate care and going the extra mile.  Eight seconds is all a cowboy has to stay on a bucking horse. She’s hung on with every twist and turn on the wild ride of recruiting.  Then there’s the 8-track tape but we won’t talk about that. :-) 

 Since joining the agency she quickly raised the bar for what it means to provide good candidate care. Her attention to detail and the ability to connect with people is legendary. And if that’s not enough she raised her hand to run with the Microsoft intern program and take it to a new level.  She’s our resident social media expert, teacher and Twitter machine. 

 As one client stated: I want to express my sincere and total gratitude for Tori.  Tori is an absolute champion.  She is an absolute delight to work with.  I am incredibly grateful to her.   One of her teammates sums it up:  She is a crystal clear example of how to achieve candidate and client delight!

From your fellow Talent Acquisition Team members, congrats on eight great years Tori.  We look forward to the next eight years with you!  


Work hard, play hard, get rewarded…

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Work hard, play hard, get rewarded…

Guest post by Johnny Stone III, Desktop Support Specialist II

When I was asked to interview with Waggener Edstrom, I immediately learned as much as I could about the company. What intrigued me was that Waggener Edstrom is a PR firm that focuses on all types of social media. 

 Let me go on a rant so you will understand why this excited me. PR equals communications. Most companies fail horribly at effective communication.  Lack of communication has serious consequences. Different departments tend to focus on their own goals and then the company loses focus on the bigger picture.  This creates a very unhealthy environment because everyone is on a different page. When this happens teamwork erodes. Having a healthy outlook on life and your job means building healthy relationships. Even if you are not a workaholic, you spend most of your life either at work or sleeping.  Healthy communication promotes teamwork, teamwork builds pride. When something is accomplished as a team, nothing makes me feel better! Everyone has a role to play. No matter what your part (how large or how small) – if your company excels then you have something to be proud of.

 First of all, kudos to Ara and Tori! They do a great job of coordinating with hiring managers and several other departments through the entire process. I have seen this from an new hire perspective and IT Support process. They are great to work with. It’s very seamless compared to other companies.

 I was psyched for my in person interview.

 The two hour interview with Gary Matusow, Sam Rousculp, Josh Tufts, Darci Brooks, Darci Opferman and Suzette Carter seemed like only minutes. I loved the fact that everyone was relaxed and friendly, but at the same time very straightforward. I was challenged with questions to make sure that I was the right with my technically skills and my personality.

 It’s great to walk away from the type of interview that I had. What is even better is being excited about the rest of your career. I plan to prove myself in as many ways as possible and I want to grow within the company.  I love it here and I want to stay.

 So I walked away and I was hoping to get a second interview. Ok, I thought – I want to dig deeper. That meant going to the internet and looking around some more for about an entire day. What I found made me very happy and was for the much part pretty ironic. I found some third party blog sites that indicated this was a very rewarding and fun place to work, but “Everyone at Waggener works so hard. Be prepared to work extra hours sometimes. That’s why I left.”  I saw statements like this one on more than one occasion. I almost honestly laughed when I read those posts.  The great thing about Waggener Edstrom is that when a project is due and it occasionally requires you to work a few extra hours, you are not alone. Everyone pitches in, gets the job done and then plays hard. The company pays you well and provides great benefits. If you are complaining about that, then you are not a good fit for the company.

 If you want to work in a challenging and rewarding environment and do so with great colleagues in all departments then you belong at Waggener Edstrom!

 Work hard, play hard, get rewarded. I wish everyone was as lucky as me!


Home at Last

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Guest post by: Brad Jones, Business Intelligence Developer, Technology Services

After graduating from college in 2005 with a software engineering degree, I did what a lot of new graduates do; I took a job with a large technology corporation.  After working many, many hours a week for a couple of years with little or no appreciation shown for the time or work done, I decided being part of a large organization was not what I wanted for my career.  I spent the next few years in a couple of smaller companies.  While these were closer to what I felt comfortable in company size wise, I was not enthusiastic about the technology that they were working on. When I decided yet again to try and find the perfect fit for me and my career, I had some specific requirements.  These would have to be met in order for me to change companies for the 3rd time in 5 years. I was looking for a place where I was working with the technologies that I was excited about.  A place where my thoughts, opinions and experience would actually count to how we operated and not be ignored.  I was looking for a home. 

I had previously applied at Waggener Edstrom when I left my first job, and was going down the path of interviewing when another company made me an offer and needed a decision that day. I accepted the other offer and stopped the interview process with Waggener Edstrom.  Looking back now, it was foolish to rush to a decision instead of letting the process run its course. Later, as I was coming up with a list of companies that met my criteria and that I wanted to work for, Waggener Edstrom was on the list.  I remembered how I had been excited talking with the recruiter before and how the company had sounded great.  I went to their careers website and found they had an opening that fit all of my criteria.  This was the position I had been looking for. 

I applied for the job and was contacted shortly by Darcy Frentress to discuss the position.  We did a phone interview and went over my background and why I was changing jobs yet again.  After our discussion, we both agreed that I should interview with the team to see how well I fit.  Meeting with my team was exciting.  These were the people that I would spend a lot of time with on projects, so a great working relationship was important to me.  I was very impressed with the team. We talked easily in the interview about my skills and experiences.  We talked about current and upcoming projects they were working on.  We talked about where their team was going and plans for the future.  Everything sounded great.  After leaving that interview, I was very excited about the possibility of finally finding a place that fit me.

After a couple of weeks, I was invited back for a second interview with the senior VP of Technology Services and VP of Worldwide Controllers.  Both of these guys are great and again I found myself at ease talking with them.  This place just kept getting better.  Never before had I found a place where my interview process went so smoothly and I felt so great about working with absolutely every person I met thoughout the process.  After my second interview, then came the waiting game.  I know Darcy got tired of hearing from me 2-3 times a week about how things were going, but she was great and always responded to my calls or emails with encouragement and kept me in the loop as to where things were in the process.  When I was finally chosen for an offer, Darcy called me to find out what exactly I was looking for. After going over my expectations, I was made an offer that I felt was very good and fit what I was looking for well.   There was very little negotiation.

The minute I had the offer, and even before I had accepted it, I turned in my 2 week notice at my previous job.  It was time for me to move on to a place that I felt I could expand and grow.  I started at Waggener Edstrom on November 8th, 2010.  I have enjoyed coming to work every day and look forward to each new day. I have been given the chance to learn new things, to share and teach things I know to others on my team, and to give input on subjects that and have others listen to my opinions.  I feel very comfortable with my team, and with those outside of my team.  Everyone has been great here and the entire experience has been very gratifying. Everyone here has always been nice and they all have smiles on their faces when they are here. I have finally found what I have spent 6 years looking for.  I have finally found my home.

Washington to Washington and Back Again

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Guest post by: Cari Lyle, Copy/Content Editor, WE Studio D


I’m a West Coast girl at heart, so when I moved to Washington, D.C., for a job three years ago, I knew it wouldn’t be a permanent change. While I loved the hustle and bustle of my East Coast life, I craved the much more laidback lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest. About three months ago, I started plotting my second (and most likely, final) cross-country relocation. And wouldn’t you know? Waggener Edstrom was looking to add another Copy/Content Editor to its Studio D team in an office about 20 miles west of my hometown! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, and the job description couldn’t have been more ideal for me.

Knowing about WE’s reputation for being a fantastic place to work, I immediately began crafting a cover letter and revising my resume to reflect my passion for editing, writing and working hard. I worried that my address would be a disadvantage during the competitive interview process, but recruiters Darcy Frentress and Tori Quinn made the process entirely seamless. Three phone interviews and a three-hour editing test later, I was on a plane to meet my potential new team members in person.

From the minute I walked into the office, I felt at ease, and after meeting with Kiersten, Erik and Luigi on the editorial team, I knew WE was the place for me. Thankfully, they must’ve agreed — a few short weeks later, WE offered me the opportunity to relocate back to Washington state and join the editing team.

When I originally relocated to D.C., I was left to my own devices for finding movers and transportation options. Not with WE. The travel department helped me with every little detail, making my transition back to Pacific Time a million times easier than my experience three years ago. All I needed to worry about was getting my cat to stay in her carrier and remain quiet on a bicoastal flight for six hours —which, like everything else during this transition, went much better than I ever would’ve expected.

I’m only a little over two weeks into my career with WE, but I know that coming here was one of the best (and easiest!) decisions I’ve ever made. It’s really good to be home.

The Waggener Edstrom Interview and Hiring Process

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Guest blog post by:
Sarah Rose, Measurement Coordinator, Influential Montioring and Measurement

S_RoseWith my fingers crossed and high hopes, I couldn’t stand the wait to hear whether the Influential Monitoring and Measurement (IMM) team at Waggener Edstrom decided to hire me as their newest addition. Luckily for me, the wait wasn’t long and I got great news that Waggener Edstrom would like to bring me on board! Here’s my story…

After reading through the open positions on WE’s website, I found exactly what I was looking for… a spot on their Influential Monitoring & Measurement team! Being a natural lover of social media monitoring and monitoring in general, I knew I would be a great fit for this role. After submitting my carefully written cover letter and resume to HR, I was on pins and needles to hear back from them. I quickly received a response back from HR saying they would like to set up a phone interview with me the following day. Knowing I couldn’t let my dream job fall through the cracks, I spent hours preparing for the phone interview I had with Jodi Moore the next day. I was feeling confident and was really excited to talk with her. During my interview, Jodi was very welcoming, friendly and easy to talk with. Her ease helped me open up and I became more comfortable throughout the conversation. Once we got off the phone, I felt like I completely hit it off with Jodi and was hopeful I would hear back from her soon. Later that day, I sent Jodi a thank you email expressing my appreciation that WE has considered me for the position and how I am very excited to hear back from her…and of course how I’m the perfect person for the role! A couple of days later she responded telling me they would like to talk with me again and what the next steps were. I was ecstatic needless to say, so excited; I had made it through the first step! With a few emails back and forth and a phone call, 3 hours later HR had me scheduled to interview with members of the IMM team the next day! I was so impressed with the promptness of the HR team…wow, they were fast!

After a whole night of mock interviews, thinking about some of the biggest projects that I have worked on and coming up with specific examples, I was ready to rock! The big day was here for my big interview, literally big interview…6 different people, for 3 hours! Entering the Lake Oswego office was refreshing, as the atmosphere was clean and modern. I asked for Tera Hilton at the front desk, was offered bottled water and had a seat. A few minutes later two ladies with big welcoming smiles greeted me, took me to a conference room, and the interview process began. At the end of each interview, I was asked whether I had any questions. Knowing interviews are also a time to find out whether the position is a good fit for you I asked each person, “Why would someone want to be part of your team?” The responses I got from each team member were all consistent and positive, a very good sign. They said the IMM team was full of fantastic, hardworking, smart people who enjoy what they do. If you’re ever in a crunch or need help there is always someone happy to give a lending hand. I was told the synergy was strong and has created a happy team, full of individuals who value their work and co-workers. All this positive feedback made me want the job even more! But what really put the icing on the cake, was how friendly and welcoming each person I met was. This, once again, put me at ease and helped me open up to them to tell them who I am and what I’m made of. When the interviews were over I left the Lake Oswego office feeling like I didn’t want to leave; needless to say I really wanted this job! I was so excited, but tried hard not to get my hopes up just in case they decide not to go with me.

A couple of days later, I got an email from Jodi asking if I would be available to do one more interview over the phone in the next couple of days. With my response being “of course,” they got me all set up for one last shot to show them what I’ve got. I’m sure you know what I did next; I practiced and got myself ready for the interview! The last interview went great and I was feeling good once again. The next few days while I was waiting to hear back, I was seriously on some sharp pins and needles! What was just a few days felt like an eternity; I couldn’t stand the wait! And then I got an email from HR saying there were just a few last steps that we needed to take…I needed to complete a writing test and a pass a background check. Whoa, this actually might happen; now was the time I was allowing myself to get just a little excited. A few days later I completed the test and submitted my information for the background check.

A little bit of time had passed and I was hopeful I would be offered the position. (My friends and family were hopeful too because I wouldn’t stop talking about it!) After 5 interviews with 8 different people, a writing test and plenty of nerves, I was ready to start if they offered me the role. The phone call came early in the evening from Jodi one night. She had some very good news for me which was WE is offering the position to me! I was so excited I was speechless at first…which rarely happens. Over the phone Jodi went through what the offer consisted of—salary, benefits, etc—and when they wanted me to start. After she went through everything, I gave her a verbal YES and told her I felt like I had just won the lottery! After an extensive interview process, I have to say the hiring process was extremely seamless and the level of professionalism was first class.

I’m 6 weeks in now and I can confirm I have won the lottery! I love WE…the people are amazingly smart, innovative, fun and hard workers. Flooded with warm welcomes and constant support to “show me the ropes,” I know I am going to love my stay at WE. I feel extremely fortunate to be part of the team and look forward to growing and evolving into a better me…and I couldn’t think of a better place to do just that.

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