Drinking from the firehose

Posted on April 30, 2010 by Comments Off

You’ve heard this phrase before right?  Someone is so busy they’re ‘drinking from the firehose’.

Or the fire hydrant, which could be considerably more difficult. 

From now on though, I’m going to use this phrase – “It’s like getting hit with a cupcake cannon”.

“Wow, what a meeting huh?”

“Yeah, that was like getting hit with a cupcake cannon.”


“Sorry, I meant it was paradigm shifting.”

Thanks Gizmodo for showing you’re not just good for breaking iPhone 4.0 stories!  But we knew that already.

Below is the video that demonstrates the sheer power of a fully armed and operational cupcake cannon, delivered by the local (as in Portland, OR) Kamp Grizzly.

Enjoy your weekend.

YouTube Preview Image
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