And the winner is….

Posted on February 24, 2011 by 1 Comment

There is the usual amount of water cooler banter around here about the Oscars. Of the 10 Best Picture nominees, we are advocates for “The King’s Speech” to win. But since we believe in the value of data and the insights that can be gleaned, we pulled the relevant conversations from Twitter to see if our instincts were correct. As you can see from our infographic, the Twitterverse disagrees with our assessment by 4%.

Many analytics tools rely on numbers for absolute determinations, but people make decisions based on facts and emotions, and analyzing that combination provides a more holistic valuation. For example, the data suggests that James Franco will be this year’s Best Actor winner. But when you weigh public sentiment, story response and stats together, Colin Firth comes out on top.

Definitive answers can be complicated because data can’t forecast human opinions. We believe that if you compose the right questions and carefully mine the conversations in conjunction with the numbers, insights become much clearer.

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One Comment

taura on February 24, 2011

Thanks WE I&A – fun figures are always a hit and I’ve been sending this around all day:) Go Colin Firth go!

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