Creativity, Better Business & Innovation: The Influencers of PSFK NYC

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Top People to Follow on Twitter

This Friday, PSFK hosts its sixth annual New York event, bringing together some of the world’s leading creative professionals. Waggener Edstrom is proud to sponsor this event that inspires creative thinking and promotes sharing emerging ideas in innovation. Last fall, we embarked on a research initiative to learn more about how the millennial generation specifically views innovation and its impact. Melissa Waggener Zorkin has shared some of our most interesting findings and insights with PSFK this week .

All of the speakers at this week’s event are trail blazers in their own right and they are all using technology to impact the way we interact, shop, learn and see the world. They are innovators. Nine out of the ten speakers* are using Twitter as a platform to share ideas around their work. Ever curious to better understand the impact of these innovators, we decided to use our Influence Ranking tool to see how influential the speakers are in relation to each other.

The ranking above shows our findings. Clay Shirky has the largest following, greatest reach and highest levels of amplification, which contributed to his ranking as the most influential speaker. Jason Silva ranked second with a high level of activity and engagement with his followers. Steve Clayton ranked third, by sharing consistently sharing content relevant to innovation, with strong amplification and engagement from his followers. Follow the PSFK speakers on Twitter with this list and join in the conversation!

About Influence Ranking

The Influence Ranking tool measures and quantifies the influence of an individual or organization using metrics which analyze five key attributes: Reach, Amplification, Engagement, Content Relevance, and Audience Relevance.

*Vikram Gandhi’s Twitter account is private and was not used in our analysis


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