Drinking from the firehose

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You’ve heard this phrase before right?  Someone is so busy they’re ‘drinking from the firehose’.

Or the fire hydrant, which could be considerably more difficult. 

From now on though, I’m going to use this phrase – “It’s like getting hit with a cupcake cannon”.

“Wow, what a meeting huh?”

“Yeah, that was like getting hit with a cupcake cannon.”


“Sorry, I meant it was paradigm shifting.”

Thanks Gizmodo for showing you’re not just good for breaking iPhone 4.0 stories!  But we knew that already.

Below is the video that demonstrates the sheer power of a fully armed and operational cupcake cannon, delivered by the local (as in Portland, OR) Kamp Grizzly.

Enjoy your weekend.

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iPhone Leak Conspiracy Theorists Got It Wrong

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Those who believe that Apple cleverly planted the “lost” iPhone exposed earlier this week by Gizmodo are either mildly conspiratorial or full-blown paranoid. This, however, was the opinion of a couple of digital experts this week when Gizmodo reported on the find after paying the person who found the phone $5,000. Gizmodo later returned the phone after receiving a letter from Apple’s corporate legal department.

Communications professionals can be clever and creative – after all that’s what we’re paid to do. But, this one so cuts against Apple’s corporate and brand culture that it’s almost laughable to believe they purposely planted a prototype of the next general phone in a bar, hoping it would be found, find its way to a publication and reap a lot of great publicity. There are just too many things that could go wrong in that scenario. Apple doesn’t take those kind of chances. Though some want to believe differently, it’s much more likely that the Apple folks were just stupid, not evil in this instance.

Apple doesn’t need to rely on “stunts” to sell its iPhone as its earnings released earlier this week prove. Apple is a super secretive company when it comes to new product announcements, often going to great lengths to conceal its plans until the day of announcement. I would argue the brand personality – tight-lipped, disciplined, impeccable – argues against any kind of uncontrolled stunt.  It’s just not how Steve Jobs rolls. 

The guy who found the phone allegedly tried to return it to Apple, but no one would listen to him. Not sure, I believe that one, considering that he had it for more than a month before it became public. But, the conspiritists are just over thinking this one.  If Apple had planted the phone, they wouldn’t have left it in a bar, but probably in a restroom at the  The Wall Street Journal.

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