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Tac Anderson, Digital Consulting Director

Tweet Stream

Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr

So I stirred up an interesting conversation when I said I don’t read the physical paper but instead get pointed to the news via Twitter.

Some people passionately agree and disagree with me. But today I saw example from Dave Allendemonstrating why I prefer my method (and yes you could actually do both).

Once again, Twitter leads me to a great article. It is hard to believe that some people still “don’t get” Twitter, but when I use it as I feel it is best used, as a business tool, it is incomparable for exposing me to some great thought leaders.

Dave then goes on to blog about the OffTheBus citizen powered news site. I love to see new models emerge and finding a blog about a link found in Twitter pointing to a citizen journalism article and site seems some what serendipitous (or something).

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