The Coming Wave of Social Media Zombies

Posted on March 10, 2010 by 5 Comments

Zombie AttackI’m afraid. I’m afraid of the coming wave of zombie media.

Now that companies are starting to show results with social media, the rest of the early majority and late majority adopters are going to continue to pile on. They’re going to try and strap on social media to their existing efforts and realize that they can’t sustain these efforts. Worse yet, they’ll launch these efforts with no thought to what to do with their new fans, friends and followers (assuming they get any to begin with).

We will continue to see a plague of abandoned Twitter accounts, outdated blogs and neglected Facebook pages.  These are the social media equivalent of zombies.

Unsupported, non-strategic, tactically driven efforts have no ROI and accrue to no larger business objective.

What are the signs of the coming wave of zombie media? They’re everywhere if you look.


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Jeremy Meyers on March 10, 2010

On the other hand, it’ll be really easy for people who get paid to advise on the right way to do this stuff (i.e. us) to see who needs the most help.

Tac Anderson on March 10, 2010

What? Wow, you’re right, we could help people. But I just wanted to talk about it. j/k :)

Joe McCarthy on March 10, 2010

Coming wave? You mean sometime in the future?

Having read the ReadWriteWeb report on Demand Media (“a page view generating machine”) back in August, I’d say the age of zombie media is already upon us.

Steve Koss on March 10, 2010

The walking dead might be awakening to the maturity model stage 3,4, or 5?…mmm. The Zombie economy is upon us

Can the coming wave of the dead surf the barrel to come alive to align with business strategy and gain maverick results?

Surfs up! MAMA meets DADDY to get in the rhythm of the wave allowing the dead to transmute and enjoy the wonders of riding the tube!

Will the zombies hang 10 or wipeout….time will tell.

Tac Anderson on March 10, 2010

@Joe, I think it’s going to get much, much worse.

@Steve, I’d say the economy had a small hand in this. The whole “Do more with less” mantra companies have been preaching to their employees with no help or tools on how to actually do that has contributed for sure.

But if done right, replacing some of the old outdated methodologies and processes with new processes that integrate social technologies we can actually achieve more with less and get better results that we can measure.

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