WE Products Debut at SXSW Interactive Event

Posted on March 15, 2011 by 4 Comments

At SXSW today, we’re showcasing three great products: Ripple Effect, Social Graph, and Hot Spots. The first two are analytics products that paint a picture of influence for brands or products and the third is an awesome mobile app that tells you where the action is at SXSW.

Ripple Effect tells the story behind the impact that an influential person has across digital channels by identifying the message amplification they achieve in blogs and Twitter. It allows you to determine which influencers speak favorably about your brand and spread positive brand perception by looking at the amplification of coverage online. By gathering engagement information about specific posts and articles, we can tell who had the biggest splash relative to a product launch, event, or communication campaign. This product gives our clients the ability to refine their communication investment. Our analysts take it a step further by providing key insights that inform outreach and message creation.

Complementing the Ripple Effect, the Social Graph gives you an in-depth view of digital relationships based on linking patterns of influential individuals. We’re able to get really interesting insights about how people communicate by mapping the sources they use in their posts and articles. With this information, our clients can understand how topics and brand conversation are spread and the impact of new and up-and-coming influential people. The in-depth social network analysis provided by our analytics team guides engagement strategy and communication planning.

Hot Spots in Austin is a mobile app that answers the burning question: “where are the hot spots?” If you’re looking for the most (or least) popular gathering spots at SXSW, Hot Spots is for you. The best thing about Hot Spots is that it brings local venue check-ins to life in a visual way. It even shows the latest on-line buzz. The app is available for free in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace and iTunes app store so make sure to check it out if you’re at SXSW.

More information about our products is available on our website.

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Jesse Radonski on March 17, 2011

Wow, I dig the look of it. What a great way to find out ahead of time who the influential people are in a respected online market, so that you can target the audience you want to pitch a story to.

With the crazy amount of “mommy-bloggers” today, a useful tool like this can show just how much influence they have over their respected communities.

Rakesh on March 17, 2011

Awesome tool! Do you think you could share some presentation on such tool being deployed for any of your clients and the reults it threw…

Olaf Kowalik on March 18, 2011

Glad you like it, Jesse. Our Influence Multipliers product is aimed at finding those those influential voices who aren’t top tier media. With blogs, Twitter, Quora, and other platforms, everyone’s ability to become an important influencer is skyrocketing.

Olaf Kowalik on March 18, 2011

Rakesh, send me an e-mail at okowalik@waggeneredstrom.com and I’ll connect you with someone on our team who can walk you through this.

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