A Well-Rounded Body of Content Can Make Your Organization More Appealing

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A few weeks back Brian Solis wrote a great piece about the value of a digital persona in today’s social economy, which pointed out how people (and brands) will be judged by their Klout and PeerIndex scores because it will be the true measure of their influence. I completely agree, and I’m paying close attention to my scores and those of people and organizations that I align myself with.

Content collage

What kind of shape is your brand's content in?

Do I want “high” scores? Yes, but not because I’m an ego maniac. I’m a student of the power of content, so it follows that any metrics that can track that power would be interesting.

Solis didn’t delve into what creates the digital influence that Klout and PeerIndex are measuring. Content is what creates influence in the digital space and what is most often getting measured in the EGOsystem, as Solis called it, with some more established digital metrics like search result rankings.

Not happy with your organization’s digital influence? What does your body … of content look like? Is it well rounded? Does it reflect your expertise or passions? Is it credible and authentic? Is it appealing to a wide audience?

That’s what it takes. If a brand or organization wants to build influence in the social economy, they need to fire up the content engine and start contributing some appealing, credible and authentic  content. They then need to follow it up with engagement with existing content that aligns with the attributes they seek to develop influence around.

Additionally, there is increasing evidence that performance in the social economy has a direct correlation to the business performance of an organization. A recent study found that companies with blogs generate 67% more leads.

Why is content the key to making your brand or organization more appealing, especially on digital and social media? Because each image, tweet, blog post, YouTube video, Facebook update, Quora question is an opportunity for your audience (employees, partners, customers, consumers, etc.) to find out about you and learn something new. That engagement can come through a Web search or a link from a Twitter handle.

Once that connection is made, the content must be credible and authentic to your brand to make it valuable in the social economy.

The next step is to connect each individual piece of content, wherever it gets published or discovered, to your broader story. News sites are great at this Most Popular, Most Emailed and similar tools to drive the audience deeper into their content. As I wrote earlier, organizations should be cribbing from media organizations to maximize their social media efforts, and this is another example.

So if you want to sculpt your organization’s body of content into the most appealing shape it can be, fire up that content engine and start pumping out some great sets of content. And just like at the gym, try exercising with different types of content beyond text — video, audio, images, infographics — to create a well-rounded digital influence footprint.

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