Live Blogging Hits a New High With Apple’s WWDC

Posted on June 7, 2010 by 1 Comment

Let me first be clear and say that this isn’t a live blog of Apple’s WWDC event where Steve Jobs announced the next version of the iPhone.

But I was completely blown away by the number of live blogs covering the event on Monday. Live blogging has been around for a while, but it has really taken off in recent months, and I think WWDC was the most intense flurry ever.

Bing WWDC search

A quick sample of the search results for WWDC live blogs

I’m passionate about live blogging because it is such a great storytelling tool and its a cheap and fast way to capture an event.

I’m also surprised at how rarely it is used as a tool by organizations. Often, companies will spend months planning an event to showcase a new product or initiative. But put little effort in coming up with a way to both capture the event or share it with folks who are interested, but can’t attend in person.

Live blogging is excellent for both of those needs. It should be something that is done by every organization whenever they put together a significant event. It isn’t hard, there are plenty of places to learn how.

The layout of a live blog also makes it ideal for reading later. Often, I will go back and read the live blog to get the full story of an event. Indeed, looking back at old WWDC live blogs is a great way to remember how the product and the company got to where it is today.

Do you read live blogs? Is your organization covering its events by live blogging?

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