Social Media vs. Zombie Media

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What is zombie media? Tactic-only social media.

What does zombie media look like? Empty, vacuous Facebook pages and Twitter accounts devoid of conversation. [Warning] Zombie accounts often have lots of content flowing through them, but no one is there. It’s brainless.

Is zombie media the same as social media spam? No. Unlike most social media marketing, social media spam has a deliberate strategy and better ROI.

Where does zombie media come from?Sadly most zombie media comes from well-intentioned marketing efforts. Marketers launch a Twitter account or Facebook page or blog but don’t have the resources, systems and process aligned to sustain the effort.

What is the cure for zombie media?Influence is the cure. You achieve influence through building trusted relationships and engagement with other influencers.

Marketing has always worked because of  influence. Take away influence and your marketing sucks. It used to be that you achieved this by working with a handful of influencers or influential media sources. Today the influencers can number in the thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions.Your existing processes won’t scale to meet that need.

But influence is not a switch that can be turned on or off. Influence is something that you build over time and work to maintain. To scale the effects of influence you need processes and systems we’ve never had in place before.

You need to rethink everything.

Marketers are all being asked to do more with less, but no one has given them the tools to do that.

If you put systems in place to integrate social media with your  marketing/PR efforts, you will do more with less and achieve better results that you can measure. I know this because I’ve seen it done.

The Top 10 Social Media Books You Have to Read if You Are a Zombie

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Pride and prejudice and zombies

To follow up on yesterday’s post I wanted to try my best to help those people who will refuse to heed my advice. Here is a recommended list of Zombie Media books. Conversely, if you don’t want to end up with zombie media, I highly recommend the non-zombie versions of these books.

  1. Naked Conversations About Zombies – How zombies are changing the way businesses talk with customers.
  2. The Zombie Groundswell – Winning in a world transformed by zombie technologies.
  3. Zombies Engage – The complete guide for zombies to build, cultivate and measure success on the Web. Foreword by Zombie Kutcher.
  4. The Purple Zombie – Transform your business by being a zombie.
  5. Zombieville – How businesses can thrive in the new zombie neighborhoods.
  6. Zombie Agents – Using zombies to build influence, improve reputation and earn trust.
  7. Z 2.0 – New collaborative tools for your organization’s toughest zombies.
  8. Creating Zombie Evangelists – How zombie evangelists become a voluntary sales force.
  9. Here Come the Zombies
  10. Twitter Marketing for Zombies
    - Use Twitter to communicate with your zombies
    - Use zombies to maximize your presence on Twitter
    - Build and use your network to spread the zombie virus
    - Measure the success of your zombies

Do you have a favorite zombie media book?

Bonus points if you can name all the real books and their authors.

The Coming Wave of Social Media Zombies

Posted on March 10, 2010 by 5 Comments

Zombie AttackI’m afraid. I’m afraid of the coming wave of zombie media.

Now that companies are starting to show results with social media, the rest of the early majority and late majority adopters are going to continue to pile on. They’re going to try and strap on social media to their existing efforts and realize that they can’t sustain these efforts. Worse yet, they’ll launch these efforts with no thought to what to do with their new fans, friends and followers (assuming they get any to begin with).

We will continue to see a plague of abandoned Twitter accounts, outdated blogs and neglected Facebook pages.  These are the social media equivalent of zombies.

Unsupported, non-strategic, tactically driven efforts have no ROI and accrue to no larger business objective.

What are the signs of the coming wave of zombie media? They’re everywhere if you look.


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