Inspired Fridays

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  • Check out this list of awesome ‘can’t-live-without’ travel gear and accessories!
  • Heading to Boston? Make sure to check out this gem.
  • Forgot your grocery list? Not a problem! These cute tote bags have got you covered. 
  • This USB key is truly adorable and a great gift idea.



Wordless Wednesdays

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Check out Colin Pinegar’s “Bestfriends” project.

The Jet Set: Take Me to Germany!

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WE want to know your totally unique travel rituals, where you cannot wait to go, where you never – ever – want to go again and more.

Where will you travel next?



Inspired Fridays

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  • Atlantic City brings you a *new* multibillion-dollar boardwalk empire: Revel (and Maroon 5 on May 18 – who doesn’t love a little Adam Levine?)! 
  • A solar powered, portable, Pop-Up Venue?! No, we’re not kidding.
  • For all the city dwellers out there – the “world” brings you a new method to find parking.  It’s only a matter of time before this becomes an app…
  • Our obsession David Stark obsession continues as he hits Miami’s Museum of Contemporary Art
  • A new high-end hotel fad: Food Trucks?!

Wordless Wednesdays

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A special thanks to Kurt Perschke for the midweek bit of childish fun and inspiration!

The Jet Set: Pass the Dramamine

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WE want to know your totally unique travel rituals, where you cannot wait to go, where you never – ever – want to go again and more.

Where will you travel next?

Inspired Fridays

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  • Old Spice gets it right with an overtly masculine setting for the launch of two new men’s grooming line products. 
  • No longer just for the rich & famous.  Ship your luggage ahead of time with LugLess – brilliant.
  • Are you looking for more followers?  Check out these custom necklaces featuring your Twitter handle!
  • Do you think that some wedding events go over the top?  Take a look at the most high-maintenance wedding dress on earth.

It’s all about (Houston) food

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As you might have seen, we were in Houston this week.  In addition to large belt buckles and oil money, Houston has really good food.  And we like food

What’s awesome about Houston is that it has an incredible food and cultural scene.  There is a very large Hispanic and Latino community that brings in some of the best food and culture; a large Southeast Asian community, specifically Chinese and Vietnamese; and yes, that old cowboy culture does exist, mixed with plenty of eccentricity.  Plus, a strong contingent of James Beard award winners have opened restaurants here.  In fact, most of the newer restaurants represent more of that new and modern feel.  Spare interiors that reflect the dry, desert feel of Texas are more the norm; power restaurants with white table cloths and rustic interiors are still there, but few and far between.

Here is just a snip of what we have been fortunate enough to try in Houston:

Reef (Midtown)

Popular local chef Bryan Caswell has earned plenty of well-deserved national and local attention with Reef. Come here for delicious and inventive Gulf Coast seafood.  Caswell, a familiar face on the Food Network, prides himself on pulling his flavors from all of the culturally diverse food scenes that Houston has to offer.  The atmosphere, with its cool blue tones and spare decor, feels like an escape from the city and provides an energetic atmosphere of post-work happy hour takers and business diners alike.  The Snapper Carpaccio is a must-try.



T’afia (Midtown)

Chef Monica Pope is beloved in Houston and her food is made with a lot of artistry and flavor. She believes we should “eat where our food lives” and uses all locally grown vegetables, meats and ingredients in her dishes. Her “Blojito” (charbay blood orange vodka, mint & organic powdered sugar) and “Grin and Pear It” are faves as well as the signature chickpea fries [note: DELISH!] and mini burgers.

One of the best meals of our lives. Chef Monica Pope is a class act and has an amazing head for this business.  Her food is delicious and presented in a comfortable unassuming way – perhaps that is what is so special about each bite. 



Backstreet Cafe (Montrose / River Oaks)

Hidden away in a little backstreet between Montrose and River Oaks, the Backstreet Cafe is housed in an old large house and is loved for its gorgeous backyard terrace that offers the best outside dining at night in the city. Great modern American comfort food and lots of vegetarian options too.

The restaurant is highly lauded for its ample and comfortable patio space. Unfortunately, the weather turned right as the group arrived, so the outdoor seating was replaced by a slightly crowded indoor alternative, but the food easily made up for it.


The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation (Warehouse District, Second Ward)

According to many locals, The Original Ninfa’s is where tacos, burritos and fajitas were first made popular.  It all started in 1973 with Mama Ninfa Laurenzo’s recipes and years later, it’s still a hot spot that has served politicians, celebrities and even visiting royalty along the way.   But the best part?  The food! Chef Alex Padilla uses only top quality ingredients and the flour and corn tortillas are handmade.

If you have the opportunity, we’re pretty sure that nothing beats what we did last Saturday night: sitting on Ninfa’s ample patio dipping into fresh guacamole and sipping on one of their delicious margaritas with friends. 


Great photo, Devon Akmon

 Phoenicia Foods (Downtown)

With a new location in Downtown Houston, Phoenicia Foods is the perfect spot to find European pastries, exotic produce and quality breads alike.  Started as Phoenicia Deli back in 1983, the business now operates 5 outposts.

The place is open later than most other businesses in Downtown Houston and offers everything from an abundant olive bar to Armenian cheese, incredible cakes to marzipan.

Wordless Wednesdays

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Uchi - all the rage in Houston (we’re here this week).



The Jet Set: I Love Maps

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WE want to know your totally unique travel rituals, where you cannot wait to go, where you never – ever – want to go again and more.

Where will you travel next?



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